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Boxcar Assembly specializes in non-fiction film and video work, including documentaries, oral histories, branded media projects, identity pieces and fundraising videos.


We help individuals, organizations and businesses tell compelling true stories through engaging and entertaining films and videos. 


We've been told that we are easy to work with, which we believe is the result of our relentless devotion to our work, our enjoyment of what we do, our dedication to achieving quality results, and our keen interest in our clients and the topics addressed by their projects.


Our studio space provides a comfortable place to meet with clients for project meetings, editing sessions, and strategy discussions. 


While most of our production work requires us to to shoot in the field, our space is conveniently equipped with a studio backdrop for recording interviews or testimonials when needed.

Courtney Hermann 3.jpg

Courtney Hermann

Courtney has an unwavering and deep affection for non-fiction film and video making and seeks to get her hands dirty during all parts of the process from ideation and development to shooting and editing to marketing and distribution.


Courtney produced Crying Earth Rise Up and Standing Silent Nation in conjunction with Public Television and the feature documentary Exotic World and the Burlesque Revival. She is relentless in her pursuit of a well-told story.  She on faculty at Portland State University and is a co-author of the 7th edition of Directing the Documentary. Courtney earned a Master's degree in film and video production from Columbia College Chicago. 


When she's not producing or directing, you can find her walking on a hiking trail somewhere in the Northwest exclaiming, "Look!  The beauty!"

Kerribeth Elliott

Kerribeth can do just about anything in film and video--she can fix it in production and she can fix it in post.  She could also probably beat you in golf, but she would never offer that information herself (that's how good she is).


Kerribeth edited the short documentaries There's Heart Here and Burton Before and After and the feature length documentaries The Big Lonely and Exotic World and the Burlesque Revival.  She is also an editor of reality television, sports featurettes, and branded media pieces. Her trouble-shooting skills in production were honed during her time in A/V, where she constructed and shot big events.  Kerribeth won a regional Emmy Award for her editing on the "Elk Hunt" episode of the reality show Adrenaline Hunter. She earned a Bachelor's degree in film and video production from Columbia College Chicago.


When she's not shooting or editing, you can find Kerribeth in waders trying to catch something, anything, from one of the local rivers.

We tell true stories.

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